Why Us

1. Well designed itinerary with experience guide

We have already designed the itinerary of the all package trek and tours of Nepal. If that package meets you then you can follow that. By the way that package is not suitable for you just  write us your time duration to trek or travels in Nepal we will design a new package which will meet your requirements. We do not want to lose your valuable time and holiday with unsuitable itinerary and package.

Our guides are well experienced guide and they speak good English and knows well take care of the guests. If you need your language speaking guide we can provide that too.
It is really hard to organize the trip in underdeveloped country. I am also a tourist guide. So decades of my experience I have realized that. But we give you best service which makes you good memory in your life time.
There are more than two thousand travel and trekking company in Nepal. It is difficult to know which the better company is. If it is managed by guides, you will get reasonable price with right information.
2. Value of the money

We are strongly concern the value of your money that you paid us to get the excellent service. I know it very well how long does it takes to collect money and plan a holiday. So we are neither cheaper nor expensive company. We charge you reasonable price that can meet to provide best service that you paid for the expensive service. How that comes definitely it arises a question in your mind. It is very easy answer we have less margin of profit.
3. Safety on the trip

Safety is the most important factor in the underdeveloped country. Nepal is the mountainous country and we cannot get the hospitals and clinics everywhere. Normally in trekking we have to walk higher elevation above 3000 meter to 5000 meter. So it is more chances to suffer from the high altitude sickness. So our guide will take all the time first aid kits.  We recommend our valuable guest to walk slowly to acclimatize very well that protects you from the high altitude sickness. Some time our guide can change the route regarding to the safety of the guest.
And also...
  • Listens and cares about your dreams and objectives for your trip.
  • Explores new ideas and possibilities beyond your imagination.
  • Crafts tailor-made options to fit your exact needs and comfort level.
  • Plans and organizes everything from A to Z.
  • Provides consultation and answers all your questions prior to the journey.
  • Takes care of all trip details and logistics when you get there.
  • Allows you to keep in touch with friends and family in the remotest areas.